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Drip Irrigation SystemBay Area business and homeowners may consider a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation is an efficient water system that allows water to be evenly distributed on your lawn. We highly recommend it if you reside on a sloping area. This system significantly decreases water run-off. Our trained professionals at Lemon Grove Sprinkler Repair specialize in drip irrigation. All our drip irrigation comes with a five-year warranty. Not only will we help you save money but we will do our part to save the Earth for future generations.  

Stone Walk GardenIf you're planning on tearing out a pool or adding one, sprinkler re-routing is a necessity. Several homeowners are trying to conserve water by having their pools removed. Sometimes the sprinkler system must be re-routed. Lemon Grove Sprinkler Repair can take care of all of your re-routing needs. We will replace your old pipes with new PVC pipe that will never rot or rust and provide you with an efficient sprinkler head that uses less water while providing coverage for a larger area. So if you're looking to achieve or maintain a green, lush yard while saving gallons of water, we can show you how to do it.  

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Emergency Service

We here at Lemon Grove Sprinkler Repair strongly advise a routine maintenance on all sprinkler and irrigation systems. This will ensure optimal performance and efficiency. If you have a small leak or notice low water pressure, call us to do an inspection. The amount of money it will cost to fix the problem is minor compared to the increase in your bill and the water that is being wasted. If your system needs a valve or sprinkler pipe replaced, we use only the highest quality materials that come with a warranty. In case of a major problem we provide a 24 hour emergency service.  
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